Sunshine's Institute

Sunshine’s Institute est un institut spécialisé en l’apprentissage de la langue anglaise. L’institut offre des cours destinés a toutes les tranches d’âges sur plusieurs niveaux.

L’Institut offre aussi des cours pour les professionnels et de mentoring pour les principaux tests d’anglais (TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS & Gmat).

sept. 15, 2022
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Sunshine's Institute Casablanca, Maroc
English teaching internships are open at Sunshine's Institute. We are looking for young passionate English language teachers, with a strong thirst for knowledge & desire to learn.   Your main responsibilities during the internship will be as follow: plan and prepare lesson plans that meet core objectives and principles and are in line with the curriculum goals deliver lessons using a variety of differentiated instructional techniques that are appropriate to the academic level and meet the diverse needs of students prepare and administer assessments that are curriculum-aligned   Education, Qualifications and Experience Teaching qualification certificate proficient in the use of technology and computer applications as required up-to-date with latest teaching techniques and topics in English instruction Experience is a plus.