Director of English Studies

  • Lycée Français Guy de Maupassant
  • Casablanca, Maroc
  • juil. 19, 2022
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Descriptif du poste

Key Responsibilities

The Director of English Studies will work collaboratively with the Principal regarding specific directions in pedagogy and curriculum in line with the overall vision for teaching & learning at the school. He/she will contribute to data-informed decision-making for continuous improvement in the school’s academic outcomes.

The Director of English Studies provides key administrative leadership in areas affecting the academic program of the school and has responsibility for the smooth running of the academic program in the following areas:

  • Academic Organization
  • Academic Guidance
  • Academic Compliance

Academic Organization

  • The development and oversight of the school timetable
  • Approving staff professional development applications
  • Supporting teacher accreditation processes for teachers, in liaison with the school Cambridge accreditation
  • Overseeing each department’s staffing allocations and timetable
  • Overseeing Academic Reporting processes
  • Overseeing organization of all examination and testing periods
  • Overseeing processes for recording assessment data
  • Calendar management in relation to external providers
  • Calendar management in relation to curriculum-based excursions
  • Attendance at and contribution to calendar meetings
  • Administration related to the curriculum, such as textbooks, practicum placements and examination timetables

Academic Guidance

  • Working collaboratively with the Principal in ensuring the delivery of quality teaching and learning programs, including programs of acceleration, extension, support and remediation, including differentiation at all levels
  • Liaison with the Careers Advisor on student career education programs
  • Provision of study skills advice to students and the development of student study skills program
  • Complaints management relating to academic matters: student complaints, teacher complaints, parent complaints
  • Monitoring student academic progress
  • Oversight of the selection of the recipients of annual academic awards

Academic Compliance

  • Compliance with the requirements of Cambridge International in relation to curriculum
  • Processes relating to Cambridge registration, including the maintenance of work samples, teaching programs, registers and assessments
  • Contribution to annual reporting requirements as related to curriculum and staff professional learning


Direction/Leadership - Directeur académique

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3 - 5 ans